The Spirit Programming Language.

This is not just about Computer and putting up a website, that we are talking here, though for better understanding, we need to understand that too.

Now, are you also aware that, the Spirit world and precisely heaven, has Programming Language, by which God legislate here on Earth through Men, who had this understanding and are not rebellious to this program.

However, the Understanding and ignorance of this programming language has a lot in determining, what you’ll overcome and what you’ll fall prey to respectively, as you journey on earth.

You need to read this carefully and grab this REVELATION, for it has a lot to do with the advancement of your Life and the fulfilment of the will of God upon your life.

Are you aware that, 99% of the Spirit communication are not in words, when dealing with mortal men.

Perhaps, the major attribute of Spirit is simply this, they are abstract beings – however, cannot see, hear, feel and talk in the physical world, which are otherwise, in opposition to the attributes of mortality.

If only you can understand this program. I tell you the truth, you’ve automatically gained access into a higher level of advancement in this life and a glorious overcomer in all of your life’s endeavors.

The programming language first came into my mind when I had an impromptu visit from a very good friend and brother. I just returned from A – 3 days camping program, fully charged and blessed. I just knew this, as my Spirit bears me witness.

Just few minutes, after I had taken a short rest and while I was washing my clothes. Lo and behold, there he was before me, my friend and brother.

We reside in same apartment building. It was just the Corona virus outbreak that sent most of the occupants home, to their parents – mind you, that was a student environment and almost of the occupants are students .

Gladly, we exchange greetings and that was the beginning of another new encounter for him and myself too.

As we discussed, he said to me, that he came to take few of his clothes and go back same day. His journey was clear and simple as he sounds, but there’s more to it, which neither him nor I knew.

Perhaps, The Programming Language is however a term associated with computing technology or manipulation.

Now let’s take a clear meaning of this.

According to a dictionary definition –
(programming) Code of reserved words and symbols used in computer programs, which give instructions to the computer on how to accomplish certain computing tasks.

Code is the key point here, also, words and symbols. And what does it stuffs do – they give instruction to the computer. Why? So that the computer can accomplish a certain or expected tasks.

That is to say in other words, without the decoding of the language, (words and symbols), the task which is expected of the computer cannot be actualized.

Hmm.. hope you’re catching up with this revelation here.

Now follow me carefully.

The Kingdom of God, which we are privileged to be a part, communicate predominately in codes (symbols), just in same format, like in the computing system.

However, When my friend came, our discussion drifted and drifted and ended in an HOLYGHOST Communion – we joined hands and prayed earnestly.

Just in the apex of the sudden prayer marathon, I begin to admonish him with words of hope, encouragement, and mighty IMPARTATION took place, too.


Perhaps, careful to note – He afterwards confessed this was, the more reason God want him to be here, and not even what he taught brought him – the clothes.

He’d been battling with a pressing issue for long and God just settled him through that sudden encounter.

Remember, he just have a nudge to go and take some of his clothes, not that he doesn’t have any with him at the period in his parent’s home.

He had a nudge and simply obeyed  – went.

Perhaps, I said earlier that, in the spirit communication to mortality, 99% of it are not in words.

Now hear this;

God speaks more and often through circumstances – these are Spiritual codes and however, The Spirit Programming Language.

Your ability to attach meaning to these codes, gives you either an edge over what would have in an ignorance state, created or escalated your problems, or also granted you access into an understanding of what God is doing or want to let you know or to do.

Now i ask you, which nudge are you ignoring. In the natural, it might not make any sense but that’s the kingdom pattern.

In the natural, it might seems foolish, but that is your gateway into higher dimensions in life.

Jesus told the disciples at the wedding in Cana, when the wine had finished and while they’re still many unattended guests, paraphrasing, he said, “fill the jars with water and serve to the kings and those in high tables.

Hmm… Does that make any sense at all. No, not at all. That’s foolishness, men would say, but that’s the kingdom strategy in enforcing its will upon the heart of men and establishing the demands of men. Remember, Mary placed a demand for such a miracle.

A man can feel like taking up his mattress (bed) and start looking for an old abandoned shoe, before he lay down for a rest and as he is on this – lo and behold, here appears a life scorpion, very big and deadly. That’s a big testimony right. But the language to save that soul was, take up your mattress. This is Powerful. Hope you are catching this. God speaks in and through circumstances.

A young man, who is never used neither moved to going to the backyard at night to pick one or two things with a Torchlight, but that particular day he felt like going with a torch, he spotted a dangerous snake and killed it. That’s Testimony too, but the Spirit programming language to save that soul from destruction.

Mind you, your inability to recognize this programming language might results to regrets, frustrations and destruction of life and lost of opportunities.

The same hour Eliezar, the right hand man of Abraham was sent to search out for a wife for Isaac, was the same hour Rebecca pick up a bucket to fetch water. You know the rest and end of the story.

Coincidentally and miraculously, Rebecca entered into the most precious moment of her life – she was taken as wife to a man (Isaac), whose family was one of the most noble and Blessed home on Earth.

Coincident right… That’s what men will tag it, but maybe you don’t know before now, this was divinely orchestrated. A programming language (circumstance – go and fetch water) was engraved in the heart of Rebecca, who grab this and cease the opportunity that lies in it. Glory to God.

Now unfortunately, when these programing language are not decoded, Destines can be aborted, lives can be destroyed, opportunities can be missed, Testimonies can be averted.

A man who is preparing on a travel can loose his insterest to carrying on with his journey – this can be as a result that, there is danger awaiting him on the way, but if he resist the nugde and take the trip – that may result to, had I known or regrets and in critical cases, wastage of life.

Some folks calls this Spiritual Alignment.


it’s very simple, you can grow into the decoding of this language just by engaging consistent prayer journey and Bible study.

It’s glaring that, when you stay with a man, you learn his ways and character too. So also, you learn the ways, moves and communications of God, when you tarry in his presence.

Prayerfulness is the key. It’s sharpens your spiritual sensitivity to easily detect what God is doing or about to. It’s the key to alignment.

God speaks always. Most times we are expecting words. Hmm… That could be a  big misfortune to you, who still reason in such a manner.

Prayerfulness sharpens your spiritual sensitivity. Engage it daily.

Now let’s take a look at the scripture below;

1 Corinthians 2:11, “For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.

The Spirit communication can only be decoded by a man who by desperate and consistent communion with the HolySpirit, through the agency of daily study of the scriptures and maintaining a daily prayer life, gained access into this privilege.

Take advantage of this now and grow into the understanding of the move and speakings of God to bringing his will upon your life and on Earth.

Thus the bible said, Pray with ceasing

Thanks for reading. I pray that God will grant you understanding in Jesus name.

Don’t forget to Share this and drop a comment in the box below, Let’s know how this article has BLESSED you.



  1. Wow. ..

    Am really blessed by this article.
    I will give more attention to these little signs.
    Thank you very much Sir.

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