Are you battling with Rejection? Is your good not good enough or despised by people? Do people disregard you for reasons, you cannot even imagine?

Read Carefully this piece to the very end. God wants to answer and give you peace to that your innermost pains and worries. It’s for you.

Rejection however, is a state of being despised by someone or others or/and never accepted to be anything by someone or others. A lot of factors can cause this.

Perhaps, two main opposing factors that can cause this are – The Spirit and The Mortals. Hope you know, there’s something like, the Spirit of Rejection, it’s demonically programmed but believers are overcomers through the Lordship of Christ.

Also Men can reject you because you prove to them – to be better than them or bearing a great destiny or any other reason best known to them. Mind you, a man under the torment of the spirit of Rejection is being reflected in Men actions. Men will reject that fellow, as a result of the Spirit Programming such a system.

That’s why, Believers ought always to be in prayers at all times, warfare and the others.

But here, I will be sharing with you a powerful secret to dealing with this painful force and emerging an overcomer.

However, Rejection happens in the real sense and reality, when there is mutual agreement between the rejected and the rejector/s.

I repeat, Rejection is a factor of mutual agreement. Hope you heard me clear.

It’s like a man seeking for a lady’s hand in marriage. He’s only called a husband, when he’s been accepted by a lady for marriage purposes, otherwise he is just a bachelor. Mind you, He can go ahead and call himself a husband but we all know, that’s not the truth.

Amazingly, This is how being rejected works also. The rejector/s can make their assumptions, you have your own quota or part to play, if it’ll be authenticated. Of which then, if you don’t agree with the Rejection, their assumptions remains invalid.

I don’t know, if you’re catching up with something here.

Sir… Ma’am…, If you’re being despised by Someone, what about yourself – do you despise yourself too… Hmmm.

Can I talk to you,

*What affects or defines you, is not just what goes or comes around you, but what you allow to sink or enter into you.*

You’re the captain of your ship. Don’t be move, because you’re moved, be moved because it is needful, otherwise refused to moved – yes, refused to be moved.

Perhaps, people are free to say anything, reject you, despise you, disregard you, talk bad of you – that is PEOPLE for you. But I ask you, who are you to yourself – a General receiver or a selector.

Be mindful! Be guided!! Nobody owns your Destiny or either can decide it, not even your parent – they’re only but a channel and not the source.

Refused to be rejected, when you are rejected by someone or people. Refuse to accept that. That is PEOPLE for you, I repeat.

Be self confidence in yourself and your uniqueness.

It’s just a matter of time, you will be, by same people who rejected you, be blessed and honoured beyond expectations.

Perhaps, when the Armies of the Israelites were confronted by the Philistines soldiers and precisely Goliath who assumed to be there greatest challenge and threat, they stay back for their dear lives and refused to confront the challenge and Champion.

But then, when David emerged and stubbornly took the challenge to confront the said Champion, Goliath. He was disdained and belittled. Goliath called him names. He rejected him but David refused to accept all of this trash and that’s the secret of his Rising to VICTORY and defeat of the said champion, Goliath.

Rejection is mutual. Don’t accept it. Leave it to your critics. Leave it to people. Let them say anything. Just give deaf ears and keep pushing. The sky is your limit.

Moreover, a good understanding of who really you are, can help better, here.

Have you truely *DISCOVERED* your True Identity?

You’re not your name, your carrier, your business, your bank account, your background.

Nevertheless, Apostle Paul made a profound statement on the strength of this REVELATION of True Identity –

Philippines 3:20, “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, (NIV)

Now do you know the Bibles say, “he that is from above is above all.

John 3:31 He that cometh from above is above all: he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth: he that cometh from heaven is above all. (KJV)

Are you catching up with something here. You’re Christ’s, because you have him. You’re more than just your passions. You’re above all. You’re above people’s perceptions and assumptions. You’re above Rejection.

Now I will like you to meditate on this Powerful scripture below. Awake from that weakening myriad of people’s assumptions and move on.

Romans 8:31, “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

And finally, also pray earnestly for a great understanding of who you are in Christ and that’s God should give you grace and strength to overthrown every worries of being REJECTED. May God answer your sincere heart cry.

Thanks for reading. I pray that God will grant you understanding in Jesus name.

Don’t forget to Share this and drop a comment in the box below, Let’s know how this article has BLESSED you.

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